Friday, June 25, 2010

Food...Because few things make me happier.

I love taking pictures of food. For those of you who are not self-proclaimed "foodies", you might not understand. I love taking pictures that give a double sensory perception--sight and taste. 

I took this picture on top of a building in Prague. I loved seeing all the condiments lit up like they were almost "holy".

No words are needed.

Home made bread and freshly made beef. The lighting was perfect to illuminate a perfect meal.

I just liked this shot.

This is the breakfast I woke up to one morning in Colonia, Uruguay. Martha Stewart Living, anyone?
It was definitely the breakfast of champions.

The colors were quite simply Eggcellent.

One of my favorite photos. I love being able to see the freshness of the meat and the vivid, blood, red color. It also has amazing texture, so much so that I almost want to keep staring at it, though I know most people would find that odd...

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