Thursday, November 25, 2010

Portraits Taken in Nicaragua





Buenos Aires Morning

This was taken on a rare occasion when the street was empty. I am looking towards the Obelisco, famous for being on the largest avenue in the world.

The Library

When I first stumbled into this room, thanks to my boyfriend/official tour guide, I was immediately taken with the quite, aging, room. A room so full of knowledge that it was practically overflowing. I loved the chandeliers in particular. This was taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Oh, Macaroons!

They were too irresistibly good to just eat. I had to savor the memory. When I ate these, not only was I so taken with the sensational flavor and consistency, but also the incredible lightness they possessed. However, when taken in by the camera, they possessed a magnificent towering quality that could only be captured by the camera lens.

So many weiners!!

These are a few photos I took at the Long Dog Derby in October.

A Friend.

This is my best friend.

This is not his foot.


These are a few of my drawings. The first is done in powdered charcoal, vine charcoal, and compressed charcoal. The second is done in powdered charcoal, and india ink. The third is done in graphite, compressed charcoal, vine charcoal, powdered charcoal, and pastel.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Tree Forest. Oh, the beauty...

This was the most glorious tree forest that I stopped by on a road trip to Portland, Oregon. There were hundreds and hundreds of beautiful, tall, magnificent trees. Being there was simply serene.

My friend doing a wonderful job of showing the height of the trees.

My tiny daschund puppy, Macy, chasing my friend through the tree forest. I love the contrast in colors in this photo. I have it in black and white which is also lovely, but there is something to be said for the vibrancy of the colors.

Tree forest backlit.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I love bees!

These are a few photos I snapped of a bee in Iguazu Falls, Argentina. The bee was highly attracted to my chocolate cake...can you blame it??

Bee lands on fork.

Bee eats leftover cake on fork.

Bee flies away, satisfied with life and cake, and Alexandra gets the supreme opportunity to catch bee mid-flight. Life is good for everyone.

P.s.- You can even see its little bee reflection in the plate!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Food...Because few things make me happier.

I love taking pictures of food. For those of you who are not self-proclaimed "foodies", you might not understand. I love taking pictures that give a double sensory perception--sight and taste. 

I took this picture on top of a building in Prague. I loved seeing all the condiments lit up like they were almost "holy".

No words are needed.

Home made bread and freshly made beef. The lighting was perfect to illuminate a perfect meal.

I just liked this shot.

This is the breakfast I woke up to one morning in Colonia, Uruguay. Martha Stewart Living, anyone?
It was definitely the breakfast of champions.

The colors were quite simply Eggcellent.

One of my favorite photos. I love being able to see the freshness of the meat and the vivid, blood, red color. It also has amazing texture, so much so that I almost want to keep staring at it, though I know most people would find that odd...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Self Portraits.

A couple digital self-portraits I have taken.

I took this while I was playing with my mom's new digital camera. It's not excellent quality but I thought it was a cool picture anyway.

I love this photo for several reasons. It is of me and my best friend in Wash Park a couple summers ago. Looking at the picture simply makes me happy. To me it is airy and light and exudes a wistful quality. It is also completely natural.

These pictures I took while bored one evening. For some reason, even though the lighting is off and the photos are grainy and out of focus, these pictures really spoke to me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day and Pride Fest

The following pictures were taken in Downtown Denver, Colorado during the 35th Anniversary of Denver's Pride Fest. I also took some in and around Downtown and at brunch.

Gorgeous Union Station.

I suppose I dont have to explain the humorous irony of this picture...

A lovely photo of my mom.

It's probably not a great picture but I liked her hand against the performers.

The beautiful colors of Pride.

I loved this photo because it says so many things. The drag queens, the intersection of Colfax and Broadway, Pride...

Miss Gay Latino.

This almost looks like an Op-Ed photo for a New York Times article; maybe I shouldn't flatter myself...


Beautiful and strange...or oddly normal?

I love taking food pictures!

One of my favorite photographs of the day. I love their expressions.

This man asked to have his picture taken. I think it turned out well.

Fabulous Denver, fabulous mom.

My other favorite picture from the day. I love the light coming through the wine rack and the changing angles of the bottles.

I know it is a lot of pictures to post for one day, but I just couldn't help myself.